The eco-friendly choice to save water, energy and money.

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“In total we maintain 500 natural swimming pools. We have been using HeatCover's liquid cover for most of these pools for many years”.

A suitable solution for all swimming pools and swimming ponds.

Happy Partners

“We were one of the first to embrace the HeatCover products. We now have more than 20 enthusiastic sales partners in the Flanders region. We believe that HeatCover offers clear advantages”.

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Explore the benefits of HeatCover®

Save water and energy

A sustainable solution for most swimming pools and ponds

50% less water evaporation

Water evaporation occurs both indoors and outdoors. HeatCover® offers the solution.

Safe for swimmers

HeatCover® has been extensively tested and was found to be safe by BeCOH and provincial authorities

What customers are saying about HeatCover® liquid swimming pool cover

“The HeatCover® team provided all the advice we needed right from the start. We’re now using 47% less water and 46% less gas.”.

Linda Swennen, Director at Arendonk Swimming Pool

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“After a few tips from the HeatCover® team, we were able to supply our customer with a liquid cover solution. HeatCover®’s effects were noticeable straightaway. The water temperature didn’t drop anywhere near as much, leaving us with a satisfied customer.”.

Kristoff van der Vurst – Pool Center owner

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Want to find out more about how HeatCover® works in outdoor and indoor swimming pools and ponds?

HeatCover® liquid cover products

A solution for all pools and ponds

De HeatCover® swimming pool line

De HeatCover® swimming pond line