Why Heatcover?

Heatcover is a smart purchase for anyone who wants to save on their additional water and energy costs that come with a swimming pool. There are many reasons to choose Heatcover instead of the alternatives on the market. We summarized these reasons below, so you can make a well-informed choice.

Evaporation is the main source of energy loss for a swimming pool. To keep your pool at the temperature disered it needs to be heated for long periods of time. About 70% of these heating costs are due to evaporation.

To keep these costs as low as possible there are some  conventional ways to keep these energy losses to a minimum wich are well known and widely available. Most of the time you can choose between a slatted automatic cover or bubble cover. The slatted automatic covers have however proven there use over the years. 

They are safe for children and reduce the evaporation losses by 80 to 90%. However, these systems take a huge bite out of the budget and need to be maintained regularly. Bubbel covers are neither aesthetic or practical as they require manipulation each time you enter or leave te pool.

HeatCover offers you an ecological, economical and aesthetic alternative to reduce these losses in the for of a liquid pool cover.

HeatCover is a 100% biodegradable product which forms a layer of  1 to 2 molecules on the surface of the water. It has a higher boiling temperature than the water in your pool and because of this water evaporation is slowed down reslulting in a massive reduction of heat loss. Thanks to the unique composition of the product it forms a monolayer on the surface of the water (without forming droplets) This intelligent barrier will break when there is a high activity in the pool and then reform as soon as the water is calm again, to continue protecting from evaporation and heat loss.

In collaboration with the University of Ghent, Belgium, we have tested the efficiency of HeatCover in different situations and the results are impressive. For a water temperature of 28°C, after only one hour of injecting HeatCover into the filtration the evaporation is reduced by 50%. The bigger the water temperature of your pool, the more HeatCover® is effective.

The possible risks and hazards of HeatCover were extensively screened by “the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development” (OECD). According to the “Screening information dataset” (SIDS) there were no potential dangers for people, animals or the environment identified. Because of its unique composition HeatCover is completely biodegradable. When released into the water the product is naturally broken down into CO2 and H2O after 50 hours.

There are also no expected risks of the formation of by-products as a result of oxidation or hydrolysis. Oxidation or hydrolysis will not occur since the components are not hydrolysable. In other words, they are assumed to be stable under normal circumstances.

For more technical properties of the product, do not hesitate to contact us?

HeatCover requires only a very low dosing depending on the different construction types of the swimming pool. A skimmer pool has much lower wastage than an overflow pool, and with the automated HeatCover dosing device the administration of the products is completely user-friendly.

Our liquid pool cover is already being used by different pools for a variety of reasons: to save energy, or to keep water temperature stable, to reduce the evaporation of chemicals used in the pool or to decrease humidity and the consequences of a swimming area that is too humid (mould, condensation, etc).

Our liquid pool cover can be used for indoor and outdoor pools, big or small, conventional or overflow and if wanted could be used in combination with other types of conventional pool cover systems for an even better result!

In short, HeatCover has 4 main saving abilities.
• Energy saving for the pool heating system.
• Energy saving for the electrical use dehumidification machines.
• Water saving – less evaporation
• The liquid pool cover also works as a solar.

Convinced by HeatCover?

HeatCover is available in 1, 5 or 25L containers.