Proven results

HeatCover®’s promised positive results have been verified by professionals and university laboratories* (ISO 17025-compliant). When correctly dosed, HeatCover® delivers a reduction of 50% in water evaporation. Time and time again, HeatCover® applications deliver the same results in both commercial and private pools.

*Ghent University, Faculty of Bioscience Engineering and Laboratory for Chemical Analyses.

Water evaporation with and without HeatCover®

  • Controlled laboratory setup (ISO 17025)
  • Tested at the most common swimming pool temperature

Results verified by Prof Pieter Vermeir

Water and gas consumption with and without HeatCover®

  • Public swimming pool, 440 m2 (competition + lessons + children’s pool)
  • Indoor, overflow, water 28-32 °C, dosage 1.4 ml per m2 per 24 h

Results verified by Linda Swennen, Director

Water temperature retention with and without HeatCover®

  • 44 m2 private swimming pool
  • Outdoor, skimmer, no plastic cover

Results verified by Pool Center

No significant impact on water quality and installations

Lab testing on public swimming pools performed by PIH (the laboratory service of the Environment and Health Knowledge Centre of the Province of Antwerp) has proven that HeatCover® has no significant negative impact on water quality parameters such as pH, alkaline and chlorine.

In addition, HeatCover® leaves no deposits on the waterline, does not cause corrosion and has no negative impact on installations (filter/pump). Our products can be used in all* types of pools.

*HeatCover® is not recommended:

  • In combination with copper, if the copper level ≥1 mg/l. In this situation, a green glow may form, as copper and HeatCover® will bind.
  • In water below 22°C. In this situation, HeatCover® may cause flocculation.
  • In combination with diatomaceous earth (DE) filters. These may filter HeatCover® out of the water, cancelling out any benefits.

Safe for swimmers

Based on testing performed by the independent BeCOH (Belgian Centre for Occupational Hygiene) institute and the European REACh risk assessment (Stoffenmanager), our certificates and results prove that the application of HeatCover® in swimming pool water is safe* and has no impact on the health of swimmers.

The values detected for risks such as inhalation, swallowing or skin contact remain well within the specified standards (DNEL).

*Please always read the enclosed leaflet and dosing instructions carefully.

HeatCover® contains denatured ethanol. The denatured ethanol in HeatCover® is used for transport purposes and benefits the composition of the ‘solution’. The ethanol evaporates as soon as it comes into contact with water and air, leaving the active and intelligent HeatCover® molecules to do their work. The 1 ml per square metre dosed volume of HeatCover® poses no risk whatsoever to swimmers.