What does liquid cover do?

Our HeatCover® liquid cover is available in different packaging sizes. The size you need depends on your type of swimming pool/pond, the dosing, the size of your swimming pool/pond and the length of your swimming season. All packaging contains clear instructions and is available in different languages.

What are the benefits?

Our HeatCover® liquid cover is composed of intelligent molecules that:

  • float to the surface due to being lighter than water
  • spread across the entire surface
  • have a higher boiling point than water, which reduces water evaporation

The HeatCover® molecules are minuscule (two million times smaller than 1 ml) and transparent. They are injected into the swimming pool water via a dosing pump on the water supply system. Once in your swimming pool or pond, the HeatCover® molecules float to the top and spread across the surface in a uniform mono layer. As the molecules cover the entire surface area and have a higher boiling point than water, HeatCover® reduces water evaporation by around 50%.

HeatCover® is 100% biodegradable. It works around the clock, but it naturally evaporates into H20 and CO2 after 50 hours, leaving no residue.

Read more about how HeatCover® works, its results and its safety here.

How does dosing work?

Dosing is automatic using our HeatCover® Basic or Pro pump, installed by a professional on the water supply to your swimming pool or pond. As such, dosing is always accurate and tailored to your pool.

  • Swimming pools/ponds with skimmers (without a buffer tank). 1 – 1.2 ml / m2 / 24 h
  • Overflow swimming pools/ponds (with a buffer tank). 1 – 1.5 ml / m2 / 24 h


Dosing example for a 10 x 4 m overflow swimming pool:

1.5 ml per m2 per 24 h

60ml per 24 h in a 40 m2 pool


  • Dose when the pool is flowing.
  • Do not dose when the pool is covered by a roller
  • Do not dose when the water is colder than 20°C.
  • We recommend against using HeatCover® in combination with large and continuous copper levels in the water.